20! is 20 years old! Seems like forever.

Seemed like a cool child! With some good new ideas, rather nice and helpful...

Turned into a problematic teen developing disrespect for people around, caring only about itself, exploiting and manipulating when it had a chance...

No doubt anymore: now as an adult, Google grew into a total *asshole*, arrogant lying capitalist jerk, with mind of an emperor, whose wealth depends on massively violating people's intimacy and space.


@FuckOffGoogle ah il est loin le temps où on envoyait systématiquement les gens chier à coup de LMGTFY à chaque fois qu'ils nous posaient une question x)

@FuckOffGoogle haha. Thank you, i've to admit that i know it but i don't use searx a lot, i more a duckduckgo user actually. Bangs are really usefull and allow to just configure a single search engine and profit a large variety of them (and you don't have to painfully customize every search bar you encounter one every device you use)

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