cancels its planned "campus" in , , under pressure by the neighborhood!!! ✊

A major symbolic victory, calling for the next steps of combating all this empire stands for, and tech-gentrification/speculation!🎆

Congrats to all who participated, with their presence, energy, courage and intelligence! 💓

Decentralized, direct local+global action (beyond "scenes" and compartmentalized fights) HAS an impact! 📢

Now: THE WORLD!!! 🌎

@fuckoffgoogle Is this confimed by google themselves? Anyway, congratulations!!
@FuckOffGoogle Great!Already talked about that in the FuckOffGoogle Matrix room.It feels nice to be on the winner side.And this is really a big win.Maybe it doesn't stop Google from being a piece of shit and maybe it doesn't stop them from infiltrating Germanys internet but at least in the real world we made them run away,that's a good start.Let's hope they don't create another shitty campus in any other Germany city - or anywhere else in the world.

@FuckOffGoogle wow, that shows the power of people when they organize, congrats! #fuckOffgoogle

Great i live a bit far but i'm with you to celebrate this victory

@FuckOffGoogle I ignored that Julian Assange and Roger Federer were into it. 😅

This is a great victory. The fight is not over though. Let's not forget that power interprets protest as damage and reroutes around it.

@FuckOffGoogle As far as I understand, Google still rents the building though, and controls the upcoming reconstruction. (Also the advisory council of looks like a yearbook of German industry leaders.) Dosen't mean it's not a way better result as originally planned - but it's a strange setup nevertheless, and Google stays in business for a changed use later on.

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