So Noscript -once trusted- extension for -once trusted- Firefox, now as a default "trusts" the following domains:,,,,,,,, etc.

WTF?! almost all GAFAM in that crap!

What extension/browser configuration/browser to use if you *really* want your browser to attempt basic protection against surveillance capitalists?

@FuckOffGoogle I use privacy badget, HTTP everywhere, UBlock Origins...I think that these are the one I trust to keep Google away. Do you have extensions to recommend? :blobcatcoffee:

@FuckOffGoogle EFF has released privacy badger and uBlock, if my memory doesn't leaks.

@FuckOffGoogle #CloudFirewall is a full protection against all GAFAM sites plus everyone who rents the servers there: Unfortunately it got removed from the Addons page because I used the unsafe innerHTML instead of innerText at one position in my code but I expect it to be online again soon.

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