When Google corrupts your politicians, your schools (), your newspapers (), your web, your emails, your universities, .., you expect ".org"s like the to be your last resort and to defend you.

But when you discover that also the FSFE is financed by Google (2013-2020), it is finally time to :

& fought even in court:

Is the @fsfe in the position to do the same?

@FuckOffGoogle @aral


It reminds that some other conference was completely sponsored by #google ... Can't remember the name but I was like "wtf ?!"

#privacy #fuckoffgoogle

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @fsfe @FuckOffGoogle @aral
"Donors who have contributed for more than 10% of our yearly budget are marked with a *."
Guess what is the only company in that list?
So they are absolutely depending on Google and probably would have to stop some of their projects and throw out people, if they would reject their contribution. :(

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @fsfe @FuckOffGoogle @aral

really, I don't like the google donation to fsfe, everybody know it's a poison gift. other hand i can understand some point to get the money.

one way to overcome google-money could be a campaign to reach new Supporter in this way: maybe "if we reach 500 new supporters, we don't accept google Donations anymore. Or maybe we cut google-donations to max 10% of whole income f.ex..

@tunda Yeah, great idea: Greenpeace already did that very successfully: if we reach 500 new supporters we won’t take any money from Shell and ExxonMobil anymore.

I shall writing a letter to the President of FSFE, Matthias.

thank very much for the Greenpeace example, I did't heard about until know. thx.

@aral @tunda

This is a joke right? Please tell me this is a joke 😱

@kingannoy @tunda Of course it is. Unlike some technology “freedom” outfits, Greenpeace isn’t corrupt.

Bin gerade über euren Boost dieses Toots etwas erstaunt. Habt ihr nicht zusammen mit
@fsfe die Kampagne "Free your Android" gemacht? Diese ist unter immer noch online.

Habt ihr eure Haltung gegenüber der FSFE geändert, oder hat sioch die Haltung der FSFE gegenüber Google geändert (wie gesagt, die Kampagne ist ja immer noch online)?

Ehrlich gemeinte Frage ...

@Haydar @digitalcourage @fsfe Nur weil wir miteinander befreundet sind, heißt das nicht, dass wir das Annehmen von Geld von Google nicht verwerflich finden würden. Zumal gerade Google toxisches Geld verteilt. Nicht nur an .orgs, sondern auch an Medien. Siehe:

@digitalcourage habt ihr euch einen Teil der anderen Toots mal angeguckt? Das ist stellenweise das gleiche Schwurbelargumentationslevel wie von #noafd oder Sinnverwandten... hier z.b.:

@phako @digitalcourage Wie schrieb Peter Glaser dereinst: "Es liegen Nuggets im Schlamm." Was machen Leute daraus? "Mehr Schlamm bitte ..."

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @fsfe @FuckOffGoogle @aral
Also the #FSF took money from Google. But without Google getting anything in return. So it's not corruption.

@akf Oh, Google got nothing in return?

If Greenpeace allows itself to be funded by ExxonMobil, do you think ExxonMobil gets anything in return?

Or what if a famous doctor is sponsored by Philip Morris… does Philip Morris get anything in return?

Are we really this naïve?


Everyone at #FSFE needs to band together now and say, "We only accept this donation because we know #Google have money printed for them at 0% interest, to boost #USstocks. We only accept the money as a hedge against inflation caused by reckless daily #moneyPrinting in the billions."

If they say that then they are forgiven, and all sins are absolved. ;)

#DeleteGoogle #QE4EVER #ponziScheme #SMP500 #pyramidScheme #BoeingCantEngineerToSave346Lives #lockheedmartin #menwithguns #boeing

I am not naïve, but I look at the whole pricture. When they would have toned down on articles like the following, then and only then I would be worried.

@akf But that article cannot be correct. The FSF would never have been funded by a malware vendor, right? Very confusing, isn’t it?

Oh, I don't find it confusing at all. Lots of rich people donate for good causes. To relieve their conscience, to get good PR and not to forget, it's tax-deductible.

Note: The #FSF writes "The FSF does not endorse the activities of its patrons." and there is not even a thanks on that page.

I'ts even worse: Google funded the
@fsfe since 2007 (except 2009) as "Padron" or "Gold Donor". In 2013-2016 and in 2019 Google even contributed for more than 10% of the FSFE's yearly budget.

@FuckOffGoogle @aral

Btw @FuckOffGoogleZurich,

If you dislike Google as much as we do, consider leaving the server, "" and don't publish your images on "pixelfed" both are on #Cloucflare servers that mine your data, and who serve Google's #ReCaptcha.

Recaptcha is that data-mining service where you help Google develop their self-driving cars by selecting cars and crosswalks etc.

Cloucflare does that for Google.

@fsfe @FuckOffGoogle @aral

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @fsfe @FuckOffGoogle @aral Well it is not a surprise if you read about their principles: the word privacy isn't even mentioned. Nor human rights. Probably just another typical European blabla org to fill up some empty desks.

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @fsfe @FuckOffGoogle @aral Too many things are funded by Google, and this gives them undue influence over tech conferences and organizations. To a significant extent they can buy mindshare.

Being funded by Google now is equivalent to being funded by IBM in the 1980s or Microsoft in the 2000s.

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