«A murderous system is being created before our very eyes»

A made-up rape allegation and fabricated evidence in Sweden, pressure from the UK, a biased judge, psychological torture – and soon extradition to the U.S.

For the first time, the Special Rapporteur on , Nils Melzer, speaks in detail about the explosive findings on Julian

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@FuckOffGoogleZurich @wwjs @CCC I'd also like to know if there is any other case in the history of British law where an alleged rapist (or any other alleged criminal) who has saught refuge (avoided court) via use of a foreign embassy, was then subject to years of being trapped - or where british government spent millions of tax payers great british pounds on 24hr police presence outside said embassy

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @wwjs @CCC The allegations was not made up..

Assange himself admitted to having sex with the woman.

If a crime has been committed the police is forced to investigate it. This with or without a victims concent. Especially true in risk of coercion cases.

It is pretty obvious that a crime could have been committed. Police had to investigate.

The police makes a FUP and this is publicly available. Newspapers routinely checks these.. so nothing strange.


That's not quite the conclusion of the article. Evidently you know better: did you try telling the UN yet?

@FuckOffGoogleZurich He are apparently just not aware of the legal justice system in Sweden..

I have myself been subjected in the same way. I didn't want to make charges but the police suspected a crime and had to investigate. It was later dropped. So I know precisely how it works.

With that said.. I hope he will not be extradited.

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