Do you dream a job paid by ?

The Free Software Foundation Europe () is hiring!

Apply now, and help spreading misinformation telling that "open" is the same as "free":

* Google is a sponsor of @fsfe since 2007, and the main sponsor since 2013:

* Why "open-source" misses the point:


@FuckOffGoogleZurich @fsfe This is messed up. The FSFE's name is now tarnished in my eyes.

The @fsfe is not the FSF and has a different approach. They fund a lot of great software, but e.g. do not certify anything. Also they are lobbying for more use of actually free software in public administration. If you find these things bad, go on.

If you find a way to replace Google with an ethical sponsor I would agree. But right now you basically want fsfe to fire people. That is what google wants. "Let the community destroy themselves."

FSFE are different from FSF, because they actually do something and have people take them seriously, unlike FSF that certifies 9 random devices with a meme sticker and calls it a year, while trying to figure out why people aren't donating to them.
@FuckOffGoogleZurich @fsfe

@laufi They don't need help firing people, thanks. Seems they are good at that. Especially people with vaginas, or em.. opinions maybe? @FuckOffGoogleZurich

@kino @FuckOffGoogleZurich so maybe you can backup your claim with some references?

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