If you install on your server, edit the file

and comment these lines:
// The STUN servers that ..
stunServers: [
stun.l.GOOGLE.com:19302' },...],


Also, it is *not true* that is "fully encrypted" as stated on meet.jit.si/. Instead:

" does not provide a way of conducting multi-party
conversations with end-to-end ."

Thanks @galaxis and @infosechandbook@chaos.social

@FuckOffGoogleZurich #Jitsi is a very cool piece of software but some instances aren't that cool.The official instance meet.jit.si is the worst option.It's hosted at #Amazon AWS and includes third-party tracking,even some by #Google 👎 The instance visio.education.gouv.fr doesn't load at all for me 😕 All others on your list seem to be fine.I checked third-party requests and server hosters.

@nipos @FuckOffGoogleZurich I tried it today and it seems quite good. But I could not load some of the instances either. I will try again this week. Easy for people who are not used to these kind of software. Thank you 👍

@ona @FuckOffGoogleZurich I already know that issue and gave it an upvote but it doesn't look like they want to change anything 😢 I recommend using other instances as this is the only one which embeds any form of tracking.

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg I've tried Jitsi before, but it does not work with Firefox on Linux. When I log in, it warns me that I need to switch to Chrome, and after about two minutes of operation, the audio dies. The only thing which seems to work reliably is chat.

I'm going to say that even Jitsi isn't ready for prime time yet.


* Which instance have you used?
All instances above (except alolise.org and gouv.fr) give no problems nor warnings here with Firefox on Linux

* Jitsi-meet requires scripts to run: make sure they are not blocked by add-ons (like uMatrix)

* bandwidth problem: some small instances seem having troubles these days (possibly because of sudden increase of users). Can you try with jitsi.riot.im and report any issues? (Or better: open a ticket on git)

c/c @ChatonsOrg

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg To answer your first question, here's a screenshot of the Jitsi instance that @thegibson created for his open office hours.

Note the browser warning, even though I'm using Firefox 73 on Linux.

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg @thegibson I do have uBlock Origin installed; but, I do not remember it complaining or flagging the site in any way.

I'll try again next time and let you know what I find.

@vertigo @FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg Today I learned that Firefox has not implemented WebRTC
and if only one person uses it, then the whole conference goes slow or nuts. Firefox has several feature requests, one two years old. Some people are asking to solve it now since the need.

@ona @vertigo @FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg

My experience: Using Chromium on Debian-Buster, disabeling all tracking app ("safe browsing" etc.) with headset is working fine.

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg cool, I wasn't aware of the other free servers only the main one, thanks!



That's like saying <<pay taxes instead of blaming tax evaders!>>

Not really the right attitude.

c/c @ChatonsOrg

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg

you've not paid anything - so what's your right to blame someone to choose #apache instead of #gpl ?


Many people are making more videoconferences because of the virus. For example family members, employees, students, etc. who don't want, or are not allowed, to meet in person.

Because of this, some servers are reaching their limits.


@FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg
Thanks for the clarification. That actually makes a lot of sense.

Jitsi is really awesome software. But given the circumstances we should also put #Jami on the spot then.



@FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg

I love what jami is, but i tried it with some friends with only text chat and we have noticed delays or messages don't arrive at all.

You succesfully tested text, audio and video?

@foss @FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg @maupao @simooooone

I had the same experience a few years ago, I believe this has to do with not having a 3rd party server. jami is E2E encrypted and P2P which is awesome. I believe that the service isgetting better over time. I will give Jami another chance. Being a distributed network you would assume that having more users will make it better.

Btw I'd rather have some messages drop than some messages leaked!

Also for example #Briar does the same without dropping messages and notifies immediately!!


@FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg @maupao @simooooone

Jami at the moment is not usable by a newbie so it's difficult to invite friends. I hope this will change in the future.

Briar is interesting but we looking for video chat in this topic and for what i know it doesn't have this feature.

There are other alternatives but should be tested.

For now we have to spread jitsi meet.

#jitsi #jitsimeet #jami #briar

@foss I also tryied to learn the basics of jami without luck. As I am not an english speaking person, looking at a video about jami I've not unerstood if it's based on the ethereum blockchain. In such a case maybe the delay is due to the fact that, working on a PoW blockchain , messages don't get approved by the miners


I just tried Jami again -I am keeping an eye on it (or Ring) since long time.

However, like in the past, it does not work at all for me (Debian 10, standard apt-get. Their .deb does not install). It gets stuck in "Connecting..." or "Searching". The tiny red/orange/green dot on top remains orange (a remote friend got it green).

I gave a look on their git issue tracker, but quite some instructions are outdated. After 30 minutes of trying I gave up...

c/c @Jami

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @Jami @ChatonsOrg
Off topic, but for me, Debian 10 installed jami straight from the repos with no issues

The copyright holders can change the license to proprietary even if it were GPL licensed. How is it different for Apache?


There is no difference if they **all** agree.

But if one or more contributors disagree, code **must** stay open, while Apache code can still be closed.

People contributing unpaid to an project should know that anybody (like ) can tomorrow turn their contributions into a proprietary program.
The debugging phase alone can be very lucrative this way.

It is no surprise therefore that code "MAY NOT be used by Google", as they say: opensource.google/docs/using/a

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @galaxis @infosechandbook
Do you know how it is with #jitsi desktop? I've heard it has #zrtp encryption. Is that then also limited to 2 person conversation?

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @galaxis @infosechandbook this is pretty disgusting, that this has gone unnoticed, thank you

@AbbieNormal because it don't work when people try it. it will hopefully some day :)


it mostly works

I used it in a video call with a friend of mine

It doesn't ring, ok

People are so impatient 😕

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @ChatonsOrg is this something non techie people can use instead of Zoom? Like, very user friendly and does the same thing?

I tried, but I can't take someone whose display name is ZURICH - FUCK OFF GOOGLE seriously.

@Downes I think it's more of a movement than a person, to be honest. There's one for Berlin, too (and it was so successful Google ditched their plans to build an office there)

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