If you can , install your own server not to overload public ones.

Step-by-step example (30-60 minutes):

* rent a DEV1-M server on with Debian Buster (7,99 Eur/month)
* disable IPv6 (to avoid bugs later)
* reboot (!)
* note public and private IP
* buy a domain (,..), and set public IP
* follow (with NAT)
* reboot and enjoy!!

A single call with two users uses about 10% of CPU.


If you install on your server, edit the file

and comment these lines:
// The STUN servers that ..
stunServers: [
{urls:'stun:' },...],


Also, it is *not true* that is "fully encrypted" as stated on Instead:

" does not provide a way of conducting multi-party
conversations with end-to-end ."

Thanks @galaxis and

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@FuckOffGoogleZurich Yes and no. Focus on the wrong thing again. You just covered the first, trivial steps; the *difficult* things about operating this kind of infrastructure just really starts right where you kept yourself to writing "enjoy" ..... 😉

@FuckOffGoogleZurich What is the bug(s) with IPv6 ? Say "disable IPv6" when it's the protocol of the future for Internet is a problem, it's better to correct the bug.


If IPv6 is enabled, nginx fails to start and reports
`nginx error failed (98: Address already in use)`

-haven't investigated much further though, nor filed an issue.

Nice! Just a doubt: i've hit this because of disabling ipv6. It's easy to "fix" if you have console access, but... What bugs are you referring when you advice to disable ipv6?
Ok, i'm seeing it know; sorry, i missed your reply.

it is fully encrypted. There is no end to end encryption means that you need to trust the server in addition to other part of communtion.
@galaxis @infosechandbook


If data is sent from A to C passing through B (B is the server) and if B decrypts and re-encrypts the data, this is not what I call "fully encrypted".


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