If you can , install your own server not to overload public ones.

Step-by-step example (30-60 minutes):

* rent a DEV1-M server on scaleway.com/ with Debian Buster (7,99 Eur/month)
* disable IPv6 (to avoid bugs later)
* reboot (!)
* note public and private IP
* buy a domain (gandi.net,..), and set public IP
* follow github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/bl (with NAT)
* reboot and enjoy!!

A single call with two users uses about 10% of CPU.



If you install on your server, edit the file

and comment these lines:
// The STUN servers that ..
stunServers: [
stun.l.GOOGLE.com:19302' },...],


Also, it is *not true* that is "fully encrypted" as stated on meet.jit.si/. Instead:

" does not provide a way of conducting multi-party
conversations with end-to-end ."

Thanks @galaxis and @infosechandbook

it is fully encrypted. There is no end to end encryption means that you need to trust the server in addition to other part of communtion.
@galaxis @infosechandbook


If data is sent from A to C passing through B (B is the server) and if B decrypts and re-encrypts the data, this is not what I call "fully encrypted".

@galaxis @infosechandbook

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