.com, a 300M$/year revenue company, purchased in October 2018:

What is their business model in your opinion?

* Jitsi is licenced (not ), hence it can turn proprietary and be killed any time:
* Jitsi uses STUN servers of by default:

Thanks @ajz

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@FuckOffGoogleZurich @ajz
AFAIK and the impression I got from the WP page is that they host ('provide as a service') (video-)communication solutions (with custom branding).

I'd love to know why 'all' the others voted (quite) negatively.

@FuckOffGoogleZurich Other. The acquisition is likely primarily about talent and attention, not tech. Either they'll keep Jitsi as a free/cheap tier and eventually build prompts to 8x8 for "advanced" features, or they'll absorb most of the staff and do minimal maintenance of Jitsi until they abandon it.

@ajz @vfrmedia

Voted 'other'
imho 8x8 motivation = ol- fashioned tech money making with a bit of conscience-easing social benefit on the side; and a load of pumped-up geek self-satisfaction

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @ajz I have just discovered the Contributor License Agreement because of this in jitsi

I voted surveillance / sell data. Now I would vote close code / crippleware.

So we have other alternatives (big server) NextCloud Talk. Any more? Has anybody tested them?

@ona @FuckOffGoogleZurich For the alternatives it all depends on what you need. Do you need a one on one video or audio call ? Or do you need a meeting or conference, where video might be more important compared to one on one chat. And are the attendees non geeks ? And what level of security do you need ? Will you self host or use servers by others ? Is text chat enough in some cases ? are options to explore as well.

@ajz @FuckOffGoogleZurich Thanks a lot. I will think about your questions. Now I am a little shock with the Contributor License Agreement in FLOSS 🤔

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