Can’t quite understand how weakening our military, especially of specialized language or medical skills, is beneficial to our country?
RT This is outrageous. More than 500 immigrant recruits were expelled from the U.S. Army in one year — many of them were specifically recruited for their language or medical skills.

i'm not sure if this is a smart business idea but i'm into it

making another account to be more botty on and im just going to quickly amass a nursery of elles slowly growing in power to be sold to the highest bidders

im just goimng to run both this and the witches one so i can double boost and favpurite everything

always been into the idfea of there bein two of me anyway

"You're advantage is that you know what you're going to do, and they don't."
No I don't.

anecdotes, waffle 

My Tom cat died yesterday. He’s been ill for a long time, but seemed to do downhill very rapidly in the last few days.

So it’s just me and the two girls now.

@h thank you, that tutorial looks super handy

I've heard of Audacity but I thought it was much more basic (but I've no real experience of recording or production so)

Thanks again

President Donald Trump, whose primary business is tourism, thinks it is a good idea to put visitors’ children in cages, and to publicize this fact.

Please can we drop the pretense that he might be a secret supergenius?

Not everyone on my side is all that smart. That does give me some pause, I must admit.

It's not a "news" channel if they show reruns. By definition.

Señorita Sassypants is sending some serious “don’t trifle with me” signals.

1. She’s wearing her weave.

2. She’s wearing her weave in a bun.

I’m going to be giving her a very wide berth the interest of personal safety and security.

Everyone talking about forking and im like

What about spooning

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