Does anyone know about computer music production tools? I was wondering if there was a program where you could sort of layer things and save a project like that (not like a drum machine type thing but just arbitrarily place things if that makes sense) also I don't have a clue what I'm talking about so sorry if this sounds stupid

@nico It makes total sense, not a bad idea at all. Such software exists and some such applications are available for free.
You could start with Audacity.

Here's an intro / tutorial

Here's the software

If you're on Linux, your system may already have it installed or likely available through a package manager.

@h thank you, that tutorial looks super handy

I've heard of Audacity but I thought it was much more basic (but I've no real experience of recording or production so)

Thanks again


@nico @h yes, Audacity will do you well. If you want to go further, the MAGIX suite often has specials.

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