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The Language Sounds That Could Exist, But Don't

The International Phonetic Alphabet: one sound for each symbol, and one symbol for each sound. Except for the sounds we can't make.

Useful for all you terminal dwellers:


to get a short cheat sheet for most common shell commands.

Bored Scientists Now Just Sticking Random Things Into Large Hadron Collider -

Have you ever seen a promising scifi TV show that made you stop watching in the middle of the first episode to complain on the Internet about how bad it was? I have.

"Education isn't something you can finish"

-- Isaac Asimov

Fun fact one: The first animals around the moon were two tortoises onboard Zond 5 in September 1968.

Fun fact two: You can find the Wikipedia article about them by googling "Soviet space turtles".

The amount of effort wasted because of fucking line ending differences must be staggering.

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