Minor fixes for yesterday updates of ticker apps uploaded on google play: $BAT, $BTC, $GNT, $LTC, $PIVX, $SC, $SUMO and $ZEC Ticker

added new exchange rate provider (original was turned off) for ticker apps, already updated are gnt, bat, sumo, pivx, sc, zec, updates are uploaded on google play, others will follow during the week

new updates:
minor fixes,
new tickers - GBYTE, GNO,
brief guide for apps at funny-apps.cz/

BTC Ticker v1.0.0 for fiat currencies released
Google play: goo.gl/iaobV3
Aptoide: goo.gl/Zdncej
+ Yandex store

BTC Ticker in development, coming in next days

PIVX Ticker now available on Google Play, Amazon App Store, Yandex App Store and Aptoide App Store

New updates for PIVX Ticker, check it on google play goo.gl/HyoZpo


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