valve broke gibusvision, tf2 is now completely unplayable

The difference between sex and gender is that Matt Walsh's wife probably doesn't spend hours at a time crying about how bad the gender she gets from her husband is.

one of these days im going to make a minecraft mod that just adds the rocket jumper and market gardener

if i disappear its probably because of the glowies (theyve been trying to gaslight me into thinking i have a mental illness for months now)

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gotta love gpt-2 chatbots, this one proceeded to fill the chat with timestamps four hours from now after sending a link to a wikileaks article about cia glowieware.

in other news i just found out using a non-tradable war paint on an item makes the painted item also non tradable. rip potential profits

im starting to think the retards at discord dont know how a package manager works

I dreamt that I went to the movie theater to watch a movie but it turned out to be a documentary about Gru and the Minions (that’s made from an in-universe point of view). I then somehow got to pause the movie, accidentally closed the media player, and was scrambling to find where I left it off.

i have voth a slre throat and the flu this fucking sucks

Featuring operatic rapping, a children's choir urging listeners to go to Wal-Mart, bagpipes, cowboy music, and political slogans shouted through a bullhorn.

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