Hello out there in internet land. Neighbor tripped the smoke alarm, cannot sleep.

Me the other day: Hmm not heard much from Milo for a while


Friendly reminder, echo "fortune"" >> .profile

and install fortune-mod on your desktop. Words of wisdom from hackers past.

"If the Bible proves that God exists then
comic books prove the existence of Superman."
[Seen on the IRC]

Holy fuck, the interface and design concepts for mastodon are terribad. This is why no one uses it.

To a New Yorker, all Californians are blond, even the blacks. There are,
in fact, whole neighborhoods that are zoned only for blond people. The
only way to tell the difference between California and Sweden is that the
Swedes speak better English."
-- From "East vs. West: The War Between the Coasts

I'm not an old man yelling at a cloud. I'm yelling about the same shit I've been yelling about since I was a teenager.

I mean not to diminish these people, as others likely find this information useful, but it helps me not.

sweet shit, I do realize why I don't use mastodon so much. The interface and presentation of data is downright terrible. I have a local timeline and a global timeline which, the pains are far too small, and they scroll too fast. There is no "following" so I don't control content. Half of it is by people I don't know in languages I don't understand.

I need to make a conscious effort to stop using twitter.

Gnome shell is great. I used dragged and dropped between an SFTP session through a VPN tunnel and a WebDAV Session with complete ease. All of this is setup by gnome.

The modern right wing narrative is insane. Not only are they insurgents battling the current system, they support the existing law enforcement of said system, without irony, or any self-awareness.

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