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GI Jack: All American Zero

Back on here after a being on twitter land. Hello everyone, again

NEXT DEFCON 201 Meet Up:

Friday, July 21st @ MakerBar, Hoboken NJ

Pre- #DEFCON25 Event!

Guide to Hacker Summer Camp by @Sidepocket

Underground talk by XLogicX.

#Petya / #NotPetya by SECON.

Burner Phones by @GI_Jack


Meet Up:


I've been banned from facebrick for using a name not on my government dox. Fuck facebrick

We are meeting on May 17th, 2017 at the Broadway City Hall entrance across Murray Street at 10:30 am.

This is for the privacy board in NYC. Special thanks to Theo, and aestetix

retweeet from twatter:

Thanks @galeabrewer for agreeing to work with us on creating a Privacy Guidelines Board for !

May 17th outside the city hall steps in NYC, we rally for privacy in New York City

It's kinda weird to think about a social network where businesses own their own presences, rather than relying on a capricious third party service like Twitter or Facebook. Imagine NBC or The Verge running a Mastodon instance for their reporters to toot from, or Bethesda operating an instance for PR and customer support. No more lost business when Facebook changes their algorithms again because they need more money from boosted posts.

Weird, right?

i weep for all the dank content on Twitter that hasn't been cross-posted to Mastodon