Gnome shell is great. I used dragged and dropped between an SFTP session through a VPN tunnel and a WebDAV Session with complete ease. All of this is setup by gnome.

The modern right wing narrative is insane. Not only are they insurgents battling the current system, they support the existing law enforcement of said system, without irony, or any self-awareness.

World Bank recommends that countries eliminate minimum wage, dismantle wrongful dismissal rules and ...

Richaaaaard ! Richaard !!

Say yes to

Free as in 'freedom'. Not as in 'free beer'.

Here is probably as an appropriate place as any. I've been wanting 'more' from the internet in the last couple of years. The magic wore off. Facebrick, twatter, such a drag. Not only am I bombarded with ads, lots of low content shitposts. So where do the cool kids do for fun on the internet? not pr0n either?

Sometimes, when I close my eyes, when the chips are down. There is Dave Wydorf feeding me tabs of LSD-25 and pencil size joints, and am OK.

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