I think I draw "Skinny" women too much. I really need to get out of that and Explore the Space!

How come they never did a KND scene where Numbah One Sticks his finger in a tub of Nesquik Powder, Rub it on their teeth and say "Ah yes, 100 percent Colombian Cocoa" and the Episode is called "H.U.G. C.A.R.T.E.L"

As humans evolved, biological functions become less and less dependent on the human body, so functions outsourced to the environment. As time went on even further, old science became common traditions, thus Child-rearing became Child Catching.
Hunt The Boars & Child is Yours.

Son of Sleipnir | The Hooven Heretic | Horse Husband
Once a Proud Servant to the Hooven Goddess, The Burns, scars, & bandaging tell a tale of betrayal. Now he is a God of Ashen Fire, Clarity for the next harvest. & a Loyal Husband to the farmers Daughter.
More In-depth Lore here:

Slenderman is a pataphysical being that, while relying on the collective narratives and ideas of him to be sustained, also must deal with constant shifts in self identity, by anatomy or personality.

I'm tryint to explore the Horse Bride Design more. Using the horses as emotion conveyence and what not.

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