Disturbing reports that Google Play is threatening to kick out Mastodon apps. See:



App stores have a track record of acting capriciously & are also easy targets for gov't censors (including Trump). This is why alternatives like @fdroidorg are so important for user freedom.

If unfamiliar: F-Droid is a free & open source app you can use to install other Android apps, with focus on free & open source software. Get it here:


@eloquence @fdroidorg Also, all the fediverse apps targeted were blamed for not moderating hate speech. That is not the app's responsibility. It's the instance's responsibility.

I suggest we all report google chrome in the app store for not moderating hate speech for all the websites it let's you visit.

You can do so from the play store, or from a computer go to:


@charims @eloquence @fdroidorg We should report YouTube and Google Search, too.

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