@easrng that's a thing I should probably do yes

but I set this up years ago, don't use mastodon much, and haven't had the time to properly pick an instance

@easrng unrelated: how do I get cybre.space to notice it's using a years-old pfp instead of my current one?

@easrng doesn't quite work in Safari on Mac - mixed content rules mean the page can't talk to node inspector over http. Works if I manually change the glitch URL to http instead of https

@noelle No comma, because that's what Prettier does and I value not having to think about such things. If I had to choose I'd probably personally prefer comma but not sure

@Elizafox typeform is nice (but I think they’re free plan is pretty limited)

@tootapp Something went wrong, please contact the application owner: Rate limit has been exceeded for: testflight|default|APPLE_CONNECT:16053263593

@sydneyfalk Thanks for the explanation. I'm a little confused about the purpose, though—what's the value in having your toots public but requiring permission to follow?

@ninjawedding Ah yeah. Linux VM on macOS might be a *bit* overkill :)

@ninjawedding were you using something like busybox? Is that still too big?

@wakest Are you doing anything fancy to retweet from Twitter to Mastodon, or just copypasting?


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