*pokes Masodon*

I'm still alive! Just busy with life stuffs and then birdsite takes a lot out of me sometimes

‪Somebody needs to tell my boss it's no longer Halloween so he can stop saying scarey things to me while I ignore my work and toot

Happy Halloween!

For a trick I've been eating all of the candy for the children because that's the trick!

First they came for the gamers, and I said "HAHAHAHA! Fucking LOOOOOOOOL get fucked you nerd losers!"

‪I feel like I just spent a night in Freehold yet I didn't go anywhere 🙁‬

Ok it's Friday night...

...since I'm already sitting at the PC I might as well toot...

I want to be a girl with a short skirt and a loooong HP bar, so you can tell my boss fight is gonna fucking suck.

TFW you look at twitter in a meeting (I'll never learn!!) and there's no Bowser lewds thankfully!

Only a day later and not seeing Bowser Tiddie Goth GF on the timeline, what a world!

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