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It's Sunday night, time for me to prepare for the work day by starting to look up social media because these days I need a weekend off from them too

Its too early to toot at least the feeling in my head says that!

I snagged a baby Playstation preorder do I even want it? 🤔

@CJTheran @helldude @Gargron Despite hearing about the better horde story I'm still an alliance main...not because of the burning tree but more because of all the darn tree roots I get stuck on in the horde zones. I understand the rage tree burning now nice how in the middle of that you got a sportsmanship endorsement

@helldude if yes what do you want as your eulogy? The beat went on until he couldn't?

Is there any ios apps of mastodon that are good with conserving data usage? I went over my limit last month and I narrowed it down to the app downloading every pic.

So at work I get into trolling matches on bird site because it's more data conscious

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