Google: fuck you, atari 2600 emoji
EmojiOne: yo it’s an N64 cart emoji
Samsung: a microsd card is that right
Apple: we only like our own products so here’s a pippin cd-rom emoji
Microsoft: we only like our own products so here’s an xbox memory unit emoji

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what we need is a game cartridge emoji, then we can see where emoji implementors’ hearts truly lie

do you like linker horror stories? I have one for you. I'm probably the first person in decades to try and use the "INFO" output section type in an ldscript.

hey all, i pushed the button on my patreon this weekend, to support my shenanigans on the rust irc. if it gets big enough, i'll try to expand my efforts to be an online code tutor!

i'd appreciate it if you boosted this to spread it around <3

1. prove that a regression technique that people are using to argue things are empirically true can be fit to anything
2. illustrate by spelling out HUMBUG as a plot, fitting it to that, and "empirically proving" things about it


Hi, first time-long time! I've been trying to construct a homemade scoliosis brace out of a bicycle frame and some empty cans, but I implanted it wrong and now I have a bunch of metal plates sticking out of my back like a stegosaurus. Should I try and remove them, or should I inject myself with some lizard DNA and see how far I can take this?

Is there any way to read the local timeline of a mastadon instance you don't have an account with?

Like, how do you determine if an instance is something you want to be part of?

@sarahjeong fitting that you're my first follower on Mastadon, considering your 💯 screaming about Twitter convinced me to give it a shot!


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