Hot take: closing registrations on this instance will have been the secret sauce needed to make federation really take off, and others should follow pattern. Lots of instances with limited registration numbers is a good thing for now.

@Gar yes, if only was very easy to spin up your own instance. Sadly, it isn’t.

@david I don't know that spinning up your very own is necessarily needed. It's nice yes but for the majority of casual tooters if there was just a generic pool of servers to pick from, and if that were the norm, it just might work.

@Gar I have seeing servers come up and sunrise, and close door at sunset. If you are to be serious (and pedantic, and I am) with what you type, you are better off running your own. Hopefully Mastodon installation will get better.

@Gar I'm not 100% familiar with how federation works here, but is there a good way of make another instance my primary account? If I decide to use another instance how can I continue to see interactions made on the account here other than asking people to follow the new account instead?

@SneakyMission It's akin to changing your email address currently, unfortch.

My advice is do it sooner than later, or wait and hope they later add some sort of identity management?

I am on vacation this week otherwise I'd be spinning up a new instance myself to see how easy it is / how much it'll cost me.

@Gar Ah, ok. Yeah that kind of sucks. Not sure how to tell which one is the "right" instance to set up shop in permanently. I have my social from several months ago and just created an .xyz account, but not sure I can tell if one is better than the other or how I could choose. Maybe setting up a personal instance is the only way to really control that but then I'm stuck into maintaining/paying for it forever. No really good solution any way from what I can tell.

@SneakyMission Well if you're willing to wait I can 75% guarantee at this point there will be a shard next week?

@SneakyMission no wait omg I've been WAITING for an excuse to use that domain.

@Gar Also, it means that we can have more community-specific instances and leave the poor furries alone.

@semanticist @Gar i like the weird overlap i have on mine between queer,furry and tech communities

then again i am a giant masochist

@Gar I totally wanna set up a yostodon but idk it looks hard to do so meh

@rotor I'm already configuring s3 and smtp in preparation, the heroku approach looks pretty clean.

@rotor also see related replies to this with Sneaky about my need to use for SOMETHING

@rotor my biggest problem is I have no patience and am about 3 hours away from spring break, no computer till next monday. I must not get sucked into this right now.

@rotor I hate being a single point of failure so once it's set up i'll be looking for someone to add access to on heroku be careful what u wish for _~_~_~~_

@Gar man I'm busy with other projects, if I can't apt-get install this in under an hour I have no time for it.

@rotor one button deploy to heroku*

*(after you set up dns, s3, and smtp so you can fill in all the correct config items)

@Gar why would I pay for heroku's computers when I have a perfectly good computer at home

@Gar all it does is sit there all damn day, it might as well use one of it's many cores to federate a toot or two

@Gar why does it need email that seems like it should be an optional thing

@Gar so if it's optional why are you doing it

@rotor but, like if you want open registrations people need to get their confirmation to sign up or whatnot

@Gar I somewhat disagree. It seems to me that it doesn't make sense to have tons of different instances that serve the same purpose. What we need are for instances that serve a specific purpose to pop up over time. What I think would help the federation AND growth would be a way for people to migrate accounts across instances. I think that Motoma on Github said it best:

@gar Yeah, that's what Evan did with when he switched it from #StatusNet (née, now #GNUSocial ) to The switch has been debated hotly, but I think it's clear that the closing registrations part had the intended effect on the world.
I would say it partially worked. Identica started with such a huge number of users that I doubt any other instance is even close. When the #bifurcation happened, many people stopped using their early accounts and went back to ica. But the imbalance can't get worse because no registrations allowed there.

@Gar I agree. Diaspora at its time was seen as a facebook clone, this is the chance to show that decentralization is definitely a thing

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