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Do you ever think that your timeline is just a collection of the endless stream of consciousness from a selection of people you subscribed to

That's kinda nice to think about

Please give me feedback on these before I commission the illustrations

After he has doubled in size, bake your Warren until golden brown. Then it’s time to take him out of the oven, cool him off and brush him with butter.

Screen 1: Welcome, username@domain (elephant waving a greeting)

Screen 2: Home (elephants cuddling together), arrow to Local (planet with elephant on it), arrow to Federated (galaxy)

Screen 3: Reply (elephants exchanging a speech bubble), Boost (one elephant holding a painting in front of a crowd), Favourite (elephant hugging a box)

Screen 4: Hashtag column with mouse hovering over the settings icon, then with the settings expanded mouse hovering over "pin column", then the UI with new column

I wanna brainstorm this: What information would you show instantly to a new person on Mastodon, in a tutorial screen?

Here is one thing I am certain about: Showing them their full handle (with the domain part).

Hah, so I’m apparently β€œprivacy’s enfant terrible” now πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

(The β€œlight entertainment” is a reference to the sarcastic opening line of my talk; dinner was served with a side of cold hard truth.)

I wanna do something but the headache still going πŸ˜”

Listening to an album about interdimensional space slugs

#Borzois slithering on the walls and floors, coming closer to your plareful of #bacon. Can anyone save you from the marauding #longboys?

Another astounding leap in political theory.
Tag yourself.

I had a whole thing to post for the sake of posting but instead I’m just gonna put this up #mastodon #helloworld

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