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"Verizon now owns Tumblr, so accounts using competing phone companies' email will be locked out"

Welsh for Hufflepuff is Wfftipwff

So I am told

Just realized the unrest and unease I am feeling is the end-of-month Patreon anxiety. Fellow Patreon people, how do you deal with that?

Playing video games to relax just doesn't seem to work out today, unlucky with friends' timing ._.

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I would root my phone but last I checked nobody made something for my phone model

My version of Android doesn't display the hugging emoji, what do i do

@soft_chomps i am afraid of how many people i commissioned..

I've listened to this a lot now.. Maybe I should just upload that to SC :T

git details you probably know Show more

me: i'll just create a new branch off of this branch for two separate PRs, and rebase the second one on master when the first gets merged

git: i will create a conflict in every file

Things that @Sourmilk's autocorrect has called me:


Wonder if I should rename "credentials" page in settings to "security" - would that make it more obvious that that's where account deletion, changing of e-mail/password are? (and soon to come: overview of active sessions)

@Admin the bottom line is supposed to go in the console that the first command opens, not into bash

@Admin docker-compose run --rm web rails c

Account.find_local('YourUsername').user.update(otp_required_for_login: false)