What a weekend! Ended up #1 on HackerNews, a dozen sub-reddits and GitHub Trending.

So exhausted, but also so proud of everything we do at @charm!


Safari and iOS users: Your browsing activity is being leaked in real time


Unfixed bug violating the Internet's most foundational rules is easy to exploit. #Safari #iOS

Happy #Caturday. #JuliaKitten turned 4 yesterday and she doesn’t look a day over 3 🐱 #Mastocats

Is it just me or is Discord super slow at loading messages the past few days?

GREECE OUT HERE LIKE "flowers on my dick and bees all around" and MEANWHILE IN PORTUGAL "I'm pooping on this"

cardboard ducks, frostbitten onions, and my personal favorite "it hurts me in the lighthouse" (but I cannot tell what country that is because it is too crowded)

hahahaha I love this world sometimes

Blahaj is now available for your blobby emoji needs at heatherhorns.com/blobhaj.zip !

Thanks to the amazing commissioner, these are all free for use. Also in telegram sticker form at t.me/addstickers/blobhaj

(If you want your own, I'm open for commissions!)

Star Wars characters will literally be called β€œFisto” and nobody bats an eye

I'll be finishing up one of my Halloween drawings on stream for the next couple of hours!


Here are some of the $1 tip jar doodles I made in previous streams.

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