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@datapup Not talking about removing it.

@acostoss I am missing some polish on the left-most column. A lot of empty space. And it doesn't look designed, it looks very plain...

Thinking out loud, maybe the search input should be outside the box that contains the compose form? (like the menu above it is its own box)

Maybe the compose box shouldn't fill the entire vertical space either? The open space beneath could be used for trending tags or other info

@blacklemon67 toot export based economy

@taknamay that line is gold but it's a very weird article

HPMOR 88-89


@Feefers install tusky or amarok

If you wanna see the change try drag & dropping something into masto

And yeah it's 4am i should fucking sleep lol

I've updated some web UX related to uploads, but I'm still not 100% happy with it, it's not ideal. The toggles look really clunky

@SexyPlatypus I'm curious what it was!

I look at the new profile URLs and i'm like "this looks cool as heck"

@capn_pancakes @datapup i just want some 3rd party integrations to set an example

@capn_pancakes @datapup don't see how that concerns masto tbh. integration == being able to login with a masto account instead of twitter, and having your answers posted to your masto account automatically