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Festive Eugen @Gargron@mastodon.social

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Should've seen it coming. *Of course* it always comes down to this number. mastodon.social/media/WekIqGCG

The old adage remains true. You don't really have backups until you tried to restore them and made sure they work.

When the master wielded the sword, it glowed green.
The student tried it; it shone red.
"It is to warn others."
"Am I evil?"

Going to try making a cute, small, simple mobile game with a friend of mine. With a piglet as a protagonist.

Tfw you hear music in all frequencies now *expandy brain*

New #bunny 1/2, a dwarf $daughter named Lilac. She's like a freaking chinchilla. And look at that little paw sticking out.

#art #photography #phonepics #rabbit #BunDay


My new headphones arrived 😍

I've got a little candle next to my PC now. Warmer this way.

Deadwing as a used CD is 19€, new is 50€, fuck 😭