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Writing a good emoji picker from scratch is... bothersome. No motivation for that right now.

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@Vavassor apparently editor.apply() saves them in bg unlike editor.commit() so maybe that would help?

me: this emote must be stopped
also me: *uses this emote in every message from now on*

@estebanm Yes it's less than ideal right now

@Nigma made an emote on Discord and I think it must be stopped

@mkosler are you gonna go?

@cphuntington97 @slime "We’ve seen a variety of slime recipes oozing through cyberspace over the past few weeks"

@Seabird new content?! holy shit

I was cooking noodles. Boss called. Long conversation. Noodles stayed in water way longer than normal since my hand was busy holding the phone. I hope that won't make them gross

Just wanna play a greedy Alchemist game but no the enemy team has to farm faster and destroy us FeelsBadMan

@TheMirai no it was a toggle labeled "hide text behind warning" (which is now the tooltip)

@TheMirai But it was never called spoiler warning in the UI, so I am confused