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@hypolite I am not sure because unequipping all gear makes the game easier and that doesn't sound like a good thing

@hypolite probably, that's how they do it in diablo 3

@hypolite Exactly. No idea what they were thinking. No player I have seen is happy about that change.

On one hand: it's my responsibility to "evangelise" for the project (I kinda dislike that buzzword but that's the nomenclature in software world so??)

On the other hand: I hate feeling like I'm bothering people or repeating myself :T

@bottitytto An exception is when someone you follow replies to someone nobody does, Mastodon actually tries to pull down the entire conversation so those messages might also land in the federated timeline

@bottitytto It doesn't though! It's all from people we have collectively followed

@bottitytto Hi! There we go. I should really finalize the "import" feature, I can imagine re-following hundreds of people is a huge bother

@bottitytto You need to follow remote users! It's not a 1:1 sync, federation is based on on-demand subscriptions aka following

@bottitytto hi! what's wrong?

Hmph I guess I'm feeling anxiety today eh

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Article 50: UK set to formally trigger Brexit process Fuck you Theresa May, you unelected incompetent piece of shit

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in other news, twitter continues to be twitter

World mobs now scale with item level... which means no matter how awesome your gear is, you won't feel it. Wtf Blizzard

@lambadalambda precisely because the current picker component returns short codes rather than unicode

@zatnosk @lambadalambda your masto should definitely resolve threads like that - issue could be only if one of the servers doesn't provide an atom link on its html page for the status, such as is case on outdated qvitter themes

The issue on github is of a different nature but i am hopeful about finally resolving it soon