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@fmauNeko Created 25 min ago, but I think it only started building 10 minutes ago

@fmauNeko It's in the process of building right now

We are on v1.4rc4, hope you like it

Deploying v1.4rc4 to currently

The main remaining roadblock to release is the regression with custom.scss because of the switch to webpack. Yesterday's attempt at solution wasn't successful

5am, time to go to sleep. I love chill art streams so much

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So who's using Any reviews?

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@gargron I may have started a silly Youtube channel based solely on how much I agree with this statement:

The best anime opening song is the one from One Punch Man

@jalefkowit @zack if you remove websub requirement, you will have accounts that never update. if you remove salmon, you will have accounts that are black holes for interactions. plus webfinger is the only way we can define things as username@domain

@zack @jalefkowit i mean in a way mastodon is already based on feeds, but the problem is where you draw the line of what constitutes an ostatus account. right now the minimum is feed + salmon endpoint (for sending replies) + websub hub (for receiving real-time updates). I don't think it makes sense to remove those minimums.

Can anyone confirm if this PR satisfies the customization SCSS needs for admins and doesn't break the previous setups too much?

@gamehawk holding out for the holding out god!

Did anyone port horse_js to mastodon?

@sophia i like the beep boop in the bio a lot