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Kitty doodle for a friend #MastoArt #sketch

Sorry about the lack of updates. I’m still here, just having a hard time w/ life in general. My mental health has been declining even more lately and it’s been hard to just do basic stuff. I’m hoping to get on meds soon.

I still think I should put an estimated total number of users on just to counteract the fact that now the top servers all say stuff like "1k people" and "4k people", but I have no clue where, visually, to put something like "total number of users who you can reach: approx. 1.7 million" (or something to that effect)

So now my blog is blocked because, at one time, I posted naked pictures of myself.

I'm going to contact support to see if I can get it fixed, but this is terribly problematic - hard to imagine any queer art blog not having posted nude art. My Klimt art review lost the "appeal".

Commissions for @Fia_Lagerdahl of their's and their friend's World of Warcraft characters! :D Thank you so much for commissioning me!
#art #mastoart #illustration #worldofwarcraft #gaming #mmorpg #artists #elf #furry #worgen #werewolf #nightelf #digitalart

Updated to sort servers by closeness to 300 active users, not by most active users.

it's day 18 of Daily Duck December which means it's a WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS

its tubesday which means its high time for a visit from those spectres, those ghostly apparitions, the ol' borzoid howlin' tubes

I think this also comes up when trying to explain Mastodon or the fediverse to a wider audience. They just have no frame of reference for this kind of stuff. "Where's the app in the App Store?" "Why do I have to choose an instance?" "What the heck's an instance?"

It's just expected that Mastodon is a startup in California somewhere, and it's got millions of dollars of VC money and bus ads saying "get it on the App Store, get it on Google Play." How could things possibly be anyway else?

its fucked up that my iphone wont let me have multiple concurrent calls with the same customer service number so that all the people waiting in the queue are me

One political/technical thought for the day: yes, FOSTA-SESTA is responsible for the #Tumblr diaspora, and it's responsible for causing similar harm at other sites. But don't forget that the corporations hosting these sites have been predatory data miners for years, and were never out to protect their users in the first place.

Federated services like Mastodon show us how the Internet should work: smaller servers, run by actual people, that have real privacy controls. #ByeTumblr

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