HN: "I don't think you can built a social network on $100k. You'd need at least 5 people"


@Gargron thanks to all the work people put into ostatus before mastodon came along :)
@ratbaby @Gargron oh for sure, but still more than one guy at the end of the day

@kurisu i mean..... it's true that ostatus provided some of the early adoption but like, all of mastodon was written from scratch. it's a contribution but not exactly what the HN poster was talking about

@nightpool gargron used ostatus/gnusocial before starting mastodon. Both the idea and protocol come from ostatus. Gargron then made it better and usable. It's really a group effort by a lot of people to get to where we are today. Gargron's definitely done a lot though.

@kurisu i know? i'm not saying that. i'm saying that *the entire implementation of mastodon* is a) isomorphic to what the person on HN was talking about (in that it is a complete social network in an of itself) and b) was done entirely by gargron in less then a year

of course he didn't invent the idea of ostatus. he also didn't invent rails, or ruby, or computers, or the internet. We all build on the shoulders of the work that's come before us.

@nightpool so we're agreeing with each other entirely :)

@Gargron Are you saying you are five people in a trenchcoat? That would explain the multiple names.

@Anke @gargron yes, there is E, U, G, E and N! It makes sens! We've been bamboozled again D:

@Gargron Ok guys, this Mastowhatever experiment is over now, thanks for participating! 👋

@Gargron you, frantically tying toots onto pidgeons and flinging them to other users: this is actually pretty cheap tbh

@Gargron LOL just taking the users from mastodon (not the whole fediverse) and this is easily one of the most successful social networks ever. I mean, switter alone, is larger than most failed social platforms.

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