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Okay, I'm wearing new glasses. So this is what the world looks like? It's a lot more detailed than I remember. I've been wearing the same glasses for at least 8 years. This is kind of information overload on my brain...


I'm a liiiiitle bit worried if they detected my eyesight correctly because it feels... odd to be looking at close objects, but my brain might be *very* used to seeing things wrong or maybe my eyes are bad at focusing after all this time, so I should probably give it time

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@Gargron you totally should. it will be weird for like a day or two

@gargron I tried taking my new glasses back the day after I got them. They told me to keep them on for the next couple of days and it'll be OK. They were right.

@Gargron I guess the more short-sighted you are, the more the glasses that correct for it are going to destroy your vision for close objects.

I can't see a damn thing up close with my glasses on, I have to take them off if I want to.

@Gargron that effect is usually worse if you have varifocal lenses. Took me about 6 months to get used to mine without feeling dizzy.

@Gargron The focus points on new glasses could be slightly different than your old glasses, and that can make a big difference in your brain processing info from new glasses.

@Gargron Yeah, give it a while. Even being in and out of contact lenses can do this to me for a bit.

@Gargron your eyes are lying to you. Do not trust them. Promptly remove.

@Gargron I always get headaches with an updated prescription for glasses because yes, you compensate for the problem. When it's fixed, it feels like a problem.

@Gargron I find it takes 3 days to a week to get used to new glasses. That said I am short-sighted and prefer to eg work (I draw and write as a freelancer rn) without my glasses as I find it strains my eyes unnecessarily (they're a good prescription and I always wear them when going out).

@Gargron Getting used to new glasses is always weird.

@Gargron usually takes a day or two before you'll adjust

@Gargron just be sure to keep looking into the far distance once in a while, assuming you stare at a screen a lot. It will help you adjust quicker

@Gargron when I got my new glasses, they felt weird because there's a lot more chromatic aberration. Felt like I was looking through the lens of a DSLR