Is it just me or the position of "newer"/"older" buttons on public profiles is really annoying with "older" being on the left rather than right?


But that's the thing right? The profile is like a book in reverse order. It's "older" but it's also "next page" essentially!

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@rey @Gargron This actually kinda makes sense! Because "older" on the left makes sense in Western reading context, but it might be different for different cultures.

So perhaps it could be determined by the language of the user or the instance, or changeable in admin settings with a user setting override, or...

Well maybe this is complicating things unnecessarily, because the text labels are very clear. πŸ€”

@gargron Yeah. I expected it to be on the right. But IDK if that's because I've been trained by badly designed websites to expect that or if that's actually intuitive.

@Gargron I think it's not bad if the button is labelled "next" (and maybe page buttons on the bottom)

@Gargron actually it's "previous page" if the book goes LTR. imagine a journal that you keep writing in -- you don't fill pages RTL unless your langauge is RTL.

@qwazix It used to be called that, people insisted on renaming it πŸ‘€

@Gargron ah, sorry didn't know. Just put a cat emoji then :-P

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