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Eugen @Gargron

Please report spam if you see it. Those spambots can go to hell

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@Gargron How do you prevent bots from registering to your server?

@Gargron 😱 they keep spamming my local timeline. when I suspended their accounts, a new one would pop up

@Gargron Hey,

all domains of my nearly 50 bots in the last 48h points to the same relay:

@Gargron I was just blocking before, but I'll start reporting them too

@gargron it seems like attracting organized spam campaigns is a sign of a new level of reach for a social network, so, congrats all

@Gargron any plans on adding some captcha-esque system on the registration page? My only option right now was to disable registrations which is not ideal. Thoughts on a solution?