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Eugen @Gargron

Released v2.4.1rc1 (release candidate):

It includes some fixes, as well as trending hashtags.

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@vantablack That was a few versions ago I think. It's x? I think?

@gargron just x??? i think maybe this instance hasn't upgraded yet lol

@vantablack @Gargron Weird, I see it in the Keyboard Shortcuts listing, but it doesn't seem to work here.

@Gargron I don't know if it fits in a minor version, but bold, italic and underline text, please.

@Gargron Great! Is the algorithm/methid used to determine trending tags documented somewhere?

Does it include usable search, btw? Search is awfully limited (at least in my pre-2.4 instance), you're only practically searching people you already follow. I'd love to search public conversations across servers without needing to use hash tags.

If not, when can we expect such a feature?

@rick_777 I don't think so, search is limited to hashtag only intentionally, to prevent user discovery as it is in twitter, I tried to find the discussion on github but I failed, if I do I'll send it your way :)

@nhaddag 👋 Congrats on setting up?

@Gargron getting trending hashtags is gonna be helpful.