I have things I want to say but cannot because I have to be d̯̙i̯͕̜̫̖ͅp̢͔̻̩̰̥l̤̝ͅo͕͙̗m͈a̸̩̰t̖͞i̺̺̯ͅc͈̫͈

@Gargron I want to thank you again for considering the input you got, and I hope that the work you did will be able to be used in some form down the road. It sucks that these sensitive issues draw out strong feelings that then get directed at you.

An abuse-risk evaluation panel that could consider these things might be a helpful way to approach them that can give you the input you need without making you the focus of the discourse.

@lawremipsum @Gargron a seconding of this.

i both think there are some pretty valid concerns about the trending thing and also think there's a separate structural problem of Discoursing At People which really falls hard on a primary dev. i've been staying out of this one because i get a pretty strong vibe of the kind of correctness ratcheting infighting that finally drove me away from metafilter.

there must be ways to do this better.

@Gargron Writing diplomatic like that isn't really helping anyone. However.

This is exactly why I said this earlier today:

Sit with the feelings, don't share them, until you have taken proper time (and this takes days / weeks to do) to process them.

@Gargron Time to create a new social network, so you can say whatever you want there, and... oh wait

Good. I know you're in a tight spot, but civility, and "diplomacy" if you want, are what makes communities work. No more oil on this fire, for the good of all. Give it a week. And thanks for the development efforts.

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