Lmao now my PR to remove trending hashtags is getting negative reactions 👌 👌


Look y'all here because I built Mastodon the way I wanted and you happened to like it. If you no longer like it that's your own business, don't give me shit about your failed expectations. There's the door, there's the code, there's the alternatives. The shit I've received today just because I was open to something that a part of the community wanted is completely inacceptable.

@Gargron It is unacceptable, and I would never want you to to anything but openly build the website *you* want to use

@gargron oh lucky you with time, resources and knowledge to do such a thing.

@gargron also don't ucking pretend that no one else contributed

@zeezeemoomoo @Gargron This is nonsencical, he used his most precious resource, (time), to build something he wanted to see. You have the time to write this toot, so you can use it instead to make something useful, bit by bit. That's what I am doing anyway, building something I want to exist, tiny bit at a time. You can do the same and it will be much more appreciated than what you just wrote. You'll feel better for it too, believe me.

@MatejLach @gargron

youve made several false assumptions:
1. that everyone has time and energy
2. that eugen receieves no compensation or credit for his work
3. eugen is the only contributor to mastodon

@zeezeemoomoo @Gargron I did not.

1. I understand that, I have very little free time personally, but that's why I don't abuse people like Eugen who use their limited time on this Earth to build something others find useful. It can burn them out and then there will be less people willing to create things.

2a. For a long time, he did not. He does now, but that doesn't mean he lost all say over the software he has started, Windows is paid and they don't give a shit about what you say.

@zeezeemoomoo @Gargron 2b. 2b. Eugen does listen, but there's one group of people who say he should do X and another to do Y. He makes a choice and gets personally abused by the group that didn't get their wish. This is UNACCEPTABLE and IRRATIONAL.

3. No, but he is the originator, most significant contributor and director of the project and at some point he has to make a decision on things, which is guaranteed to irk somebody the wrong way.

@zeezeemoomoo @Gargron Also, don't frame this as his privilege, something is just dedication and passion. You don't know what he had to sacrifice to be able to work on mastodon, back when nobody knew about it.

@zeezeemoomoo @Gargron Everybody does have stuff to sacrifice, every single one of us, the question is how much you're willing to give up now, in order to peruse what you believe in, despite the challenges.

@MatejLach @gargron I don't have stuff to sacrifice. I have mental health issues and a family that doesn't understand well enough to be supportive. Those mental health problems include autism, depression and anxiety. I hardly have energy for anything

@gargron @MatejLach oh yes and Im trans and too anxious to come out for years.

I dont have energy and time to sacrifice

@zeezeemoomoo @Gargron So why use the little energy you have left to attack somebody who has been the subject of abuse for the past day for listening to the community, just apparently not the right people to not get abuse. If you yourself are facing abuse, why spread it around?


@zeezeemoomoo @Gargron He has been called a predator, a bad person etc. Much of it took place on GitHub, not here.

I am not saying you shouldn't have emotions and magically learn to code, I am saying don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you.

@zeezeemoomoo @Gargron Please stop acting like a child. And stop using your personal problems as a shield when someone calls you on it. You're not winning anybody over. And before you make statements like that's easy for me to say, I have my own severe health problems. Yet, I do not use that as a free pass for me to act entitled. You're not entitled to Eugen's work or his agreement with you.

He has created something positive and gave it away, you just spread negativity, but you CAN change that.

@MatejLach @gargron
he hasnt "created" something positive though

and yeah inventing health problems doesnt prove any of my points wrong lol. and I looked up the "predator" post and the context iirc made it seem pretty accurate to me

@zeezeemoomoo @Gargron

> he hasnt "created" something positive though

The whole point you're continually missing here is that these are your own personal opinions, not objective truths.
I happen to think he did, but if it's so bad, I don't understand why you're using it then.

It's also amusing that you call somebody a bad person, yet you talk about 'inventing health problems'. Without knowing me personally, I'd say you made that statement in bad faith.

What does that make you?

@MatejLach @gargron

I don't know what I am but I'mm not some white dude trying to bully vulnerable people like you and gargron are


@Gargron You're too nice.

Look at Linus. That dude tells it like it is.

Go Full Linus! (You know you want to.)

@Gargron Tell them they don't have to update? If they don't want a feature, by all means they don't have to use it. They can sit on 2.4.0 while the rest of us move on.

@Gargron honestly just do whatever ya want, man
It’s yours, after all


I didn't now that this was happening

I was glad tha the new version of the trending tag didn't occupy the whole right column, it's way more bearable like this

So thank you forr that

Still, I'd prefer it to go. I think the interest in what's the trending tag is misleading

Why would you want to know what's trending ?

Write about what you care about, I don't want a brand machine all over again !

Where is this PR ? I'll come there and contribuute my 2 cents in your favor !

@Gargron I really enjoy Mastodon. Thanks for making it.

@Gargron A lot of us still like it 🙃 People who don't are always going to be more vocal. Even when I pay attention to GH issues, I am wary of adding my own spam, but Mastodon is doing fine.

And everyone is open to add their own patches, or build a completely new thing thanks to ActivityPub. Don't beat yourself up!

@Gargron just read through the reactions and what the actual tits is going on lmao, I didn't think drama existed here :angery:

hope this blows over for you man, you clearly work very hard to make this place good!

@Gargron It breaks my heart to see this happening to you, mate. I've been there. When you've got more than a couple of thousand users then every time you release a new feature you're gonna get a handful of people who hate it, and scream louder than the 99% who either like it or don't care. Don't let them get to you. You've no obligation to listen to toxic users. I'm glad to see you assert yourself like this.

@Gargron What Susie says about Sally, says more of Susie than of Sally.
This is your server. Your kingdom, your rules. If we do or don't like it, it's our problem, don't let other people concerns distract you.

@Gargron I really appreciate all the work you and the other contributors have put into Mastodon. I'm sure today has been rough and that might warrant a break, but I do want you to know that Mastodon is hugely important to me and lots of others. I'd love to see it succeed without crushing anyone.

I love what you created, Mastodon has become my main social media platform.

Just like you I would really like Mastodon to grow even bigger.

I just hope you realise that growth will inevitably lead to more drama. Imagine if you have a inconsequential update and 1% of your users like it and 1% hate it.

If the total amount of users grows so will the absolute number of vocal supporters/haters.

You will need a system to handle this inevitability.

This does not excuse the shit-storm, it is still unwarranted and undeserved.

But since it is also a certainty, when you are looking at serious growth, I hope you will find a way to cope with it.

Through software, through a human community manager or something else altogether. You will encounter this again, and you will need a better solution.

@Gargron You should be considering how to build a formal system that properly executes governance on what is built so that decisions on direction can be made in a reasonable way with community buy-in.

you have literally thousands of people playing in your house that you built. to execute on that responsibility will require a more formal structure than "it's my sandbox".

@Gargron In the future future maybe Mastodon could have a plugin system (where people can extend the core functionality with modules. dunno. just thinking aloud. nothing serious)

@Gargron Thank you for making Mastodon! Thanks to you I have been given the chance to meet and talk to a lot of friendly people. I have even made new friends because of Mastodon.

This is the first time I feel a social media is truly social. Thank you (and thank you all the contributors to this project) for all your hard work! :)


I liked it because of the PEOPLE here. Not because you wrote some infallible code or whatever you pride yourself on.
But if you're gonna go the route of dictator, then you're damn right I'll see myself to the door.
I hope you're pleased with yourself that you're running marginalized people off "your" site.

You continue to misrepresent your own actions and why people have a problem with them. GROW UP.

@Gargron This right here is why I quit the idea of being a game dev. Whiny, entitled, asshole customers, now experienced from the comfort of your own home! Don't even have to get a job at walmart to experience the worst capitalism has to offer humanity 🙄 I'm sorry.

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