@Gargron oh boy, getting popcorn before the exodus

@Gargron: Until they change something that makes github unusable I'm not going to worry about it. Nat has a looong history in the open source world, and I doubt there will be any big changes in the short term.

@bpepple I'm just thinking of what MSFT did to Skype and I'm not looking forward to that.

Some people have always advocated that Mastodon should be self-hosted on Gitlab, now seems like a good time to do it.

@slipstream @bpepple I'm not sure it has all the features that we need. GitLab is probably the most mature GitHub competitor.

@Gargron @bpepple what features do you need? from a brief look, gitea seems to have issues/PRs/releases etc..

@slipstream @bpepple access control, protected branches, code review, squash+merge, build checks in PRs

@Gargron: Never used Skype so I don't know what changes they made. I know quite a few people at github and worked on the GNOME desktop back in the day when Nat was involved, so I've got faith in them. And really if Microsoft changes things drastically, it's not like it's terribly difficult to migrate due the distributed nature of git.

@Gargron are u going to move mastodon to another git provider ?

@Gargron If you do start to use GitLab, make sure to be a little more specific with links because just putting "gitlab.com/theouterlinux" for those that are new to git in general is a little confusing compared to the default view in GitHub.

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