v2.4.1rc2 is out:

- Delete & Redraft
- No trending hashtags
- Various fixes and improvements

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@trwnh I didn't think semantic versioning concerned itself with size - adding functionality is part of a minor release, not a patch release

@djsundog well first of all mastodon isn't actually semver, and second of all, most of what could be counted as "features" could also be counted as tiny fixes, and third of all, the biggest "feature" was removed, so... :roundboi:

@Gargron maybe add the time frame in alt to the search usage text. "10 people talking [today]"

@Gargron No trending hashtags? I liked that feature. πŸ™

@ilovecomputers @Gargron I have no idea why everyone hated this feature. I found it quite nice.

@Gargron I liked the trending list, it's a pitty people don't like it. Maybe it can be disabled by default and everybody who wants it can enable it?

I support @armeris opinion. It would be great if every instance admin could decide whether or not to activate the feature.

@scroom @Gargron I was thinking at user level but instance level is a good option too. In any case this feature has taken a good amount of work and delete it would be a waste.


Wake me up when you add trending hashtags. 🀣 πŸ€”

@Gargron thank you for your & everyone's hard work πŸ™‡

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