you: installing mastodon is hard
gitlab: hold my beer

@Gargron reminds me of how cPanel takes over an entire server when you install it

@CobaltVelvet I want to be in control of the postgres/redis that it uses. Omnibus installs its own nginx too. It's basically sacrificing the entire machine to GitLab.

@moritzheiber @CobaltVelvet code reviews, squash and merge, releases, etc etc. plus gitlab is more polished

@Gargron @CobaltVelvet Gitea has all of what you just mentioned, and having used the frontend extensively throughout the past couple of months I'd have to disagree with you on the last part .. but that's entirely subjective, obviously

@gargron i remember the omnibus config to be very powerful

but tbh i'd recommend keeping gitlab self-contained, and maybe splitting that machine using lxc or xen/kvm

@Gargron @CobaltVelvet omnibus in docker, then put another moving in front of that that just reverse proxies to the omnibus?

@kurisu @CobaltVelvet That seems wasteful. I'm sure I can install this shit even if it's annoying

@gargron @kurisu i'm sure you can but do you want to

i mean like peak of my sysadmin life is fully accepting that fuck it the simplest it is to you the better

@CobaltVelvet @Gargron exactly. At least for something like this that isn't critical infra. If it was my one and only job to keep this gitlab running I definitely wouldn't use omnibus.

@gargron @kurisu and the absolute conclusion would be, give a standard box to the installer and the installer will make it work, and you can start over and load backups in another standard box with the same installer if needed

even if sometimes it doesn't look like it that's peak performance on a human scale

@CobaltVelvet @kurisu I actually wanna cut down on the amount of separate boxes I maintain

@gargron @kurisu well that's the point gitlab will maintain its own box with official tested scripts, if you give it a box

and by box i mean a lxc container would be great at that and not add much overhead, and then you can just manage those clean isolated boxes on your server and run apt upgrade every time a gitlab release looks cool. i've been using omnibus for months and it has been flawlessly simple and efficient for my time, even for upgrades or backups

@CobaltVelvet @kurisu I have zero experience with lxc or running VMs in production so I mean, I'd rather not and just stick to what I know, the deployment is similar enough to Mastodon even if it's like a million more pieces

@kurisu @Gargron @CobaltVelvet Putting it in docker doesn't solve how much of a ridiculous pile of bloat it is. Even if you do your setup. You need to add like 10 lines of headers to your nginx in front for it to even remotely work.

Heck GitLab even includes its own init system (runit) just to run the GitLab stuff. GitLab's omnibus package is like a full on GitLab OS. It's ridiculous.
@kurisu @Gargron @CobaltVelvet When you install the Omnibus package you get:
- An extra init system
- Unicorn
- Gitlab-ctl
- Sidekiq
- Some alert daemon
- A logrotate
- "gitlab-monitor" whatever that does (No, it still runs even if you disable the Prometheus monitoring)
- Gitaly
- Something called node-exporter
- An extra sshd
- Redis
- A thing called postgres-exporter
- redis_exporter
- Postgres
- Nginx

@Gargron Go is trivial to install. Just unpack a tarball somewhere.

@j Very close and very negative experiences with Docker

@Gargron heh fair. I've had a lot of negative experiences with docker but it's still the way to go to get stuff up and running IMO

@Gargron curious, is it the whole `docker-compose down` rming containers thing?

@j No, I've always known about that from the documentation. My instance used to be hosted via Docker and all of the failures were from Docker acting up in weird and unpredictable ways.

@gargron As an admin I still can't decide whether it's great or I hate it.
All progress is change, but not all change is progress.

@walialu @Gargron I’d prefer to keep CI type duties separate. Like I’d prob put Jenkins on a seperate machine.

@debugninja @Gargron meh - I'm a big fan of this whole GitLab all in one place thing. It makes my dev life so much easier! :)

@debugninja @Gargron I mean, I just want things to work and I want to get shit done :)

@mewmew I installed Gitea on my local computer for fun once, it was pretty easy :3

@Gargron @mewmew I'd assume not, though I haven't looked into it much beyond just playing around with the git UI

I'd imagine you could connect it to something like SourceHut CI though

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