Right, it doesn't give me options *not* to import issues, and it imports them under my name. I feel like that's not ideal. Maybe I'll just... not?

I'm not seeing a squash & merge option in this version sooooo gotta wait until they make it available or if they let me have an ultimate license

@Gargron maybe make another account as a "bot" for that... but that isn't ideal :/

@Gargron thats's strange. You're setup seems somehow messed up O_o

@Gargron Ah, you're self-hosted and the users don't exist on the self-hosted platform. Makes sense. If you'd have went for the hosted gitlab.com version, or the users exist on the platform, then it would look smth. like that here: gitlab.com/tom79/mastalab/issu

@Gargron i think a free non-profit license is for gitab.com? idk send them a email

@Gargron Note that source.joinmastodon.org/ is already open for user registration (just in case it's not wanted).

@Gargron Cool, I'll import soon my mastodon repo on it, if it's also ok.

@Gargron: By using gitlab's ultimate aren't you setting yourself up for the same situation you had with github when/if gitlab is bought out down the road, or am I missing something?

@Gargron: Yeah, I think you're right. I keep forgetting that they aren't doing the hosting.

@bpepple @Gargron GitLab Gold == they host it, GitLab Ultimate == you host it basically.

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