Right, it doesn't give me options *not* to import issues, and it imports them under my name. I feel like that's not ideal. Maybe I'll just... not?

I'm not seeing a squash & merge option in this version sooooo gotta wait until they make it available or if they let me have an ultimate license

@Gargron maybe make another account as a "bot" for that... but that isn't ideal :/

@Gargron thats's strange. You're setup seems somehow messed up O_o

@Gargron this really seems like something gitlab could've done much better; they already let people authenticate with github accounts so they know who's who, but even on the main site they don't even try.

@flussence @Gargron on gitlab.com if you import an issue from someone and this someone has linked their github account to gitlab, it will import it under their name, not the person who imports the repo

@Gargron Ah, you're self-hosted and the users don't exist on the self-hosted platform. Makes sense. If you'd have went for the hosted gitlab.com version, or the users exist on the platform, then it would look smth. like that here: gitlab.com/tom79/mastalab/issu

@Gargron i think a free non-profit license is for gitab.com? idk send them a email

@Gargron Note that source.joinmastodon.org/ is already open for user registration (just in case it's not wanted).

@Gargron Cool, I'll import soon my mastodon repo on it, if it's also ok.

@Gargron: By using gitlab's ultimate aren't you setting yourself up for the same situation you had with github when/if gitlab is bought out down the road, or am I missing something?

@Gargron: Yeah, I think you're right. I keep forgetting that they aren't doing the hosting.

@bpepple @Gargron GitLab Gold == they host it, GitLab Ultimate == you host it basically.

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