can anyone do asciiart of a mastodon? help


Best effort:

;| ,, ; '
!_‘ |_’

I am on a cellohone, no idea how it looks in proper monospace. Also I wish I could add a smile somehow

@Murkrow @gargron here's some of my work. i can do colored or uncolored, most of my experience is in backgrounds and perspective work but i can also do live critters and animations!

@HTHR @Murkrow I'm looking for a cowsay with a mastodon instead of a cow, essentially, for an easter egg

@gargron @Murkrow hey! i tried to do a more traditional cowsay style but it just didn't read as a mastodon, so i went for a more biologically accurate representation. how's it look?

@gargron @Murkrow If you want, I can send over the text, but ironically it's too large to send in a toot

@Curator @Gargron doesn't work for me, access denied or invalid url signature

I haven't been on IG really in over a year so I wondered about it. Thanks for confirming. It was nifty.

@Curator i never used ig, but this feature seems to have been nice...

@Curator @Gargron we've found out that it may be available for logged in users, so we need someone with an account to test ^^"

@leip4Ier @Curator @Gargron I just tested it with both my browsers (in one I'm logged into instagram in the other I'm not) and I get the same message on both browsers. It seems that this feature has been removed

@Gargron Yes. Pretty much all I do now is ASCII and pixel art. If you want something you can read in a text file, use a program called JavE. It's like the MS Paint of ASCII art and supports animation too. But, I can help if you need it.

@Gargron Just let me know what you're sort of looking for. I've seen too many mastodons to know which one to emulate.

@Gargron I saw that you can still download 'TheDraw' which I used years ago for doing ASCII & ANSi art for BBS, Doorgames and such. It makes it super easy. I found this one which looks even better (supported) Give it a shot mate

@Gargron mastodon being swallowed by snake, for you :)
/ \-------
/ \
| \
-------- \-----------------\

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