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I learned HTML so I could put up an A:TLA fansite on tripod. Then I learned PHP so I could add a forum to it... That's how it started...

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@Gargron Woah, fansites on Tripod... That takes me back...

Yes long time ago. Similar on my site I started my first homepage on geocities

@Gargron Same, only replace A:TLA with Myst and Tripod with Angelfire.

@Gargron I learned C, because I am lazy and needed an app to automate my workflow on metabolism studies... then R, because I am lazy wanted to automate enzyme kinetics. And then I learned python, because I am lazy and wanted to investigate with a rasperry pi and some sensors how to efficiently ventilate my bedroom. Next I'll learn QML, because Ubuntu Touch desperately needs a proper Mastodon App...