@Gargron cant see images from mastodon.social.. even when i click "view full profilE" :wavey:

@Gargron I'm sure it's very funny but I've missed the news. What's up with Discourse?

@Gargron For some reason they all use Macbooks for stock footage or gifs like these.

@Gargron it's a lil somethin' i like to call Discourse Fever

@Gargron well dang I didn't even know there was a new design you mean like newer than the one that came up with five years ago with the bad?

@Gargron I just came over here today after having a really negative experience on twitter. Thank you for making this site! I hope it becomes a new hot spot for ppl!

@Gargron So you are the admin here? 🤓 How can I create one?

@Gargron There are some comments, perhaps many comments about some unrestricted social media avenues, mechanisms being too wild, seedy. On the first day I joined @mastodon.social i simply quickly found the filter to add from github.com which blocks in a quite satisfactory manner a bunch of spammers, some other content, and I've been happily humming along on each of my visits to and forays within Mastodon

Next stop, more basic informational videos which I can find here in Mastodon and YouTube

@Gargron is this about discourse the forum software? What is not to like about it?

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