I have been struggling to choose a configuration file format to replace the non-existent one we use in Friendica. I've settled on NEON because it seems to be a better version of YAML (PHP/Javascript/Python only though): ne-on.org/

> Searching for yaml.load on GitHub gives a whopping 2.8 million results. yaml.safe_load only gives 26,000 results.

Ouch. Talk about bad defaults conveyed by naming.
@Gargron @hypolite


> There are 5^W6^WNINE (or 63*, depending how you count) different ways to write multi-line strings in YAML.

Oh my.

> Block styles with block chomping indicator (>-, |-, >+, |+)

... ok.

I haven't looked much at TOML before, but it's nice that it has multi-line strings -- both for things intended to be multi-line-valued and for breaking up single-line values. And only two kinds of multi-line strings -- triple double-quote and triple single-quote.

I would have loved for it to do indent-trimming like Nix double single-quotes do, but you can't have everything.
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