"While Twitter had earlier told TechCrunch that it would be “winding down” Smyte’s business with existing clients, what that apparently meant was that it was going to announce the acquisition, then effectively shut off the lights over at Smyte and leave everyone in the lurch."



Just to reiterate because it's not obvious from the excerpt, Smyte is some kind of anti-harrassment API that a lot of large platforms (like npm and zendesk) were using. Twitter acquired it as a solution to their own harrassment problem and immediately shut everyone's access off, even though many companies had multi-year contracts with them! 😂

Not only does Twitter have harrassment issues on its own platform, now they're exporting these issues to other platforms too!

How did nobody on their board see this PR disaster coming. The incompetence keeps surprising me.

@Montse_blanca hola! Somos pocos, pero estamos por aquí. Puede que encuentres otra instancia de mastodon pensada para hispanohablantes, esta es mayoritariamente en inglés :)

@Montse_blanca @Gargron Sí, hay gente española por aquí, aunque aparte de mí no sé quién. Catalanes hay muchos más lol.

@Montse_blanca @Gargron Sí, hay, pero independentistas todos, lo siento.

Sólo se me ocurren otros dos españoles pensándomelo mejor y son republicanos y comunistas, si no me equivoco. Si buscas estar por aquí, tendrás que traerte a gente, lo siento.

@Gargron At this point it wouldn't surprise me if they had decided to try and make other places as wretched as theirs just so they don't have to deal with their own problems.

@Gargron It's been quite a while since Twitter (company) reached the point where the distinction between malice and incompetence is moot.

@Gargron it's worse than incompetence, it's that by allowing harassment people write more, which creates more data, which is the core of their business.

@Agra @Gargron I'm sorry to go out on a tangent, but does twitter actually have any business plan? Do they run ads (e.g. google/facebook)? Do they sell data (e.g. google/facebook)? Where does the money come from?

@nobru @Gargron I found this nice article (from 2013):

It explains how twitter makes some profit from ads, which are embedded in an non-annoying way, so that users keep using twitter.

Also other companies can use the public data to see f.ex. how good a product sells.

A coworker of mine also explained how f.ex. facebook, and other social media, are all the time running experiments, to find out how people react to specific designs.

I hope this answers your questions :)

@nobru @Gargron before I forget: I have read somewhere how allowing bad behaviour leads people to write more on social media. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find this article, yet.

@Gargron their board allows Jack to continue to be an incompetent boob. Why are your surprised?

@Gargron is that the right emoji you're using there? Crying of laughter?

@thinkMoult I find it funny how stupid that is. Oh and they'll probably get sued for this, too!

@Gargron I am really curious to see if those companies with multi-year contracts sue. I hope they do and I hope they win.

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