I ported over all Medium posts to the new blog!

I know I still need to add sharing buttons below the content but I'm tired. It should look fine on mobile now, too

@Gargron Don't use "AddThis" plugins, they track people together with Facebook. Almost all plugins out there do that.

If it's just Twitter redirects that's fine, but Javascript sharing plugins are almost all evil tracking devices.

@h It's a hugo generated site, I doubt there's an addthis plugin for that anyway. All I need is a "Share on Mastodon" link and a "Tweet this" link (that requires no JS, it's just a link to the intent page)

@h @Gargron I switched a couple of sites to &, both of which generate buttons that you host entirely on your own site & don't call out until you actually click to share with whichever service. Share42 was easier to turn into a template, so that's what I used on the blog where I'm still using share buttons.

@Gargron awesome! a non-centralized blog for a decentralized socnet.

@Gargron Something up with the security configuration? Firefox on Ubuntu 16.04

@Gargron Well done! And that's much better on mobile now than a few hours ago :-)

@Gargron Really awesome move. Seeing the blogo-sphere converge on Medium has been terrible for the Internet imo

great! :)

for sharing bottons, when linking to fb and co. you might like those:!165531

there's a 'more' botton so that you could also can have couple of different fediverse plattforms without disturbing the design. See here:

For botton design, not shure if you're aware of it, but I have seen a page that made a couple of different design sets of fediverse bottons.

If you aren't I can look if I find the link

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