I don't know what the button is called but you can "pin" it in your Beaker browser so it would be available even when I am offline

@Gargron I will indeed pin it but you can also add it to hashbase.io/ and then it will be online all the time.

@wakest @Gargron That's a service with a storage limit for free accounts, apparently powered by Google servers, though.

@espectalll @wakest Yeah I also don't want to sign up for another public profile on some service 👀

@Gargron @wakest It doesn't ask you for much private data, just an e-mail and username

@wakest @Gargron Oh hey, I wondered where was the source code for that, thanks!

@Gargron Seeding! It's here, by sliding to the right you set the time

@Gargron (...I can't find a name for it, let's just call it the seeding button)

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