On one hand I could probably write a blog post detailing how to build a basic ActivityPub server... On the other, it will do nothing to attract a non-tech audience 🤔

@Gargron yes, please. It's pretty tough to get through the hints scattered here and there.


I am ... not a fan ... of the idea there is a hard-and-fast line between "tech people" and "non-tech".

Not everyone who works with tech, is a hobbiest or enthusiast or who just happens to have picked up some skills along the way knows every detail of the workings of every technology.

@Gargron I'm interested in such an article, though as a techie.

@Gargron I would definitely be interested. Last time I tried making my own, it was a real pain trying to gather all the scattered information from Mastodon's docs, AP's docs and misc information lying all around. One article to establish a starting point would be really useful!

@Gargron do it imo, the existing documentation is less than helpful

@Gargron write a listicle instead. top ten hottest developers you should be stalking.

@Gargron I agree. Non-tech, non-free-software people might use activitypub if celebrity XYZ is using it, or if everybody is using it, or if there is porn in it, or if they can stalk people with it.

@Gargron Still very useful. That kind of documentation is not for non-tech people, but for tech people building tools that could attract non-tech people.

@Gargron such blog posts are SUPER helpful, please write more!

@Gargron following your blogpost, I tried to send you a message but I get a 401 message without any error in the body (!). You can see the logs here: Any ideas ? I created the signature as you said.

@Gargron checking the logs would be really helpful! (I was told that an Admin could do that..)

@vasilakisfil I'm in bed and won't be able to do that until i wake up tomorrow morning, sorry

@vasilakisfil Is it possible that there was a response body, but it wasn't reflected in the log? Because the signature verification on mastodon is built to always include a reason why the signature failed

@vasilakisfil I can tell you that the key and actor resolve fine (just tested), so it must be specifically a signature problem...

@Gargron I get no body in the response, and I confirm that because if I change a bit the signature I get a body that tells me that I have wrong signature. It's very weird indeed because I also checked the signed_request_account method and it always returns something to show to the user in case of an error. I think I ll deploy an instance to debug and I ll let you know. Thanks!

@Gargron your blogpost is very helpful, hadn't been that it would be very difficult to figure out all these things from AP spec and Mastodon docs/code.

@Gargron Hi, looking at your "How to implement a basic ActivityPub server" tutorial. Everything is working, but I'm not seeing notifications when I receive a reply. Any idea what I could be missing?

Sorry, one more just to test something. Thank you!

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