#golang everywhere... can you tell by the way a #mastodon port in that language?

@menjaraz @Gargron @angristan I would love to see a Mastodon-port in #golang, because that would make it much easier to experiment with some concepts I would like to play with (support for #plustags for location tagging)

@Gargron This is awesome, Eugen. Please go on with this series if you have time – I would have loved to have read it while I was trying to get my head around the spec; it would have saved me a lot of confusion :)

literally only a few hours ago i got my own activitypub compatible server to be recognizable to mastodon and got my user on it to show up in search

this blog post is helpful for my next steps

thank you

@Gargron it's really useful, I was thinking about implementing a lightweight server in rust (for fun and to learn rust) and that's precisely what I needed! Although the w3c paper is quite digestible it's good to have an explanation about signatures and all.

So thanks! If you post more details about following I would find it very helpful!

@bortzmeyer They're not in the spec! The spec left them "up to the implementation"

@bortzmeyer It's both bad and good. Lack of directions for transport and authentication layers means ActivityPub could be used over udp or websockets. Of course that's little use to us, since those layers being incompatible would cut us off.

@bortzmeyer @Gargron I proposed and volunteered to write Mastodon Client Conventions but it looks like we also need Mastodon ActivityPub profile

@bortzmeyer I mean, you're kinda right because Mastodon predates ActivityPub and became popular before that. But why is it a failure? We have Mastodon, Misskey, Pleroma and PeerTube talking to each other using ActivityPub, Webfinger and HTTP Signatures. They may not all be written down in the ActivityPub spec because it's "up to the implementers" but they're all real standards!

@bortzmeyer ActivityPub is the language, and to use the language we need a transport layer. The designers of ActivityPub wanted that separation because it would not be possible to push the standard through W3C otherwise. What you're looking for is some kind of ActivityPubSuite standard.

@Gargron I'm just now getting around to reading this, but anything that says "Now to the hard part: You’ll need to generate an RSA keypair." is encouraging. TY!
(activitypub blogbacks???)

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