Ok it's good but include some links to pages where EUpeans can contact their elected officials or whomever to raise a stink about it.

@gargron maybe make them clearer, and call one or two out specifically. They were invisible to me. Not literally, but basically below the logical end of article.

@wxcafe as i mentioned a few days ago i don't know where to put that info visually in a nice way

@wxcafe eventually I'll figure it out and update the design

@Gargron You should really add an author notice somewhere visible, esp. for attributing according to CC-BY

Is there anything Americans and other non-Europeans do to help?

@Gargron Here's mine on the same subject. This is incredibly important: we must raise public awareness of it.



These kinds of proposals mostly exist because of how centralised the Interwebs have become.

@gargron “People will be denied at time of upload, everywhere.” that is not true¹.

“Non-profit websites, run by individuals or small organizations, will not be able to comply with such requirements.” they do not need to. They are excluded or should not be considered as “online content sharing service provider” within the meaning of the Directive.

Even Julia Reda said² that “completely non-commercial platforms” are excluded.

Oppose but use facts not FUD

¹ politico.eu/wp-content/uploads
² thenextweb.com/eu/2018/06/19/t

@mastoabed Do you need legal non-profit status though? That's not an easy solution.

@gargron a registered non-profit status is not required. For example any individual with a personal Pleroma instance or freedombox.org/ owner or even a bigger Mastodon instance but completely non-commercial¹ should not be considered as online content sharing service provider within the meaning of the Directive.

There are many valid reasons to oppose those directives in current form though
¹ copyrightblog.kluweriplaw.com/

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