On one hand I could probably write a blog post detailing how to build a basic ActivityPub server... On the other, it will do nothing to attract a non-tech audience 🤔

@Gargron such blog posts are SUPER helpful, please write more!

@Gargron following your blogpost, I tried to send you a message but I get a 401 message without any error in the body (!). You can see the logs here: gist.github.com/vasilakisfil/5 Any ideas ? I created the signature as you said.

@Gargron checking the logs would be really helpful! (I was told that an Admin could do that..)


@vasilakisfil I'm in bed and won't be able to do that until i wake up tomorrow morning, sorry

@vasilakisfil Is it possible that there was a response body, but it wasn't reflected in the log? Because the signature verification on mastodon is built to always include a reason why the signature failed

@vasilakisfil I can tell you that the key and actor resolve fine (just tested), so it must be specifically a signature problem...

@Gargron I get no body in the response, and I confirm that because if I change a bit the signature I get a body that tells me that I have wrong signature. It's very weird indeed because I also checked the signed_request_account method and it always returns something to show to the user in case of an error. I think I ll deploy an instance to debug and I ll let you know. Thanks!

@Gargron your blogpost is very helpful, hadn't been that it would be very difficult to figure out all these things from AP spec and Mastodon docs/code.

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