@Gargron Great article! You are killing it with these daily blog posts. 😍

@gargron promoting Pleroma and Misskey is great, but I think you could push that even further as a fundamental advantage.

If you or your community wants to interact with Mastodon but needs different features or disagrees with Mastodon's development approaches, independent but interoperable alternatives are available and encouraged. We can rely less on any individual, or any particular software project, and allow for diverse, customized software.

#HubZilla already have all that things integrated under one platform. There is post ,comments
,blog ,articles , wiki ,voting ,like ,dislike ,games , comment disabling  in post , scheduling comments , cloud , chat , ability to change your account from one instance to other(nomadic identity) , star a post , save a post , options for tags and folder so that searching is easy , password protected comments , preview comments before sending them , full control over the who can view by ACL and groups. These are only the features I use. There are lot more then that.

#Zot (which is the protocol for  Hubzilla) is getting ready for its next version Zot 6 with more new features.

I love "you're not gambling on the success of one project" ,really, really compelling argument. The article is right on point.

@Gargron It’s excellent! It just gets better as you read, and I love the last two paragraphs. 👍🏻

@Gargron Oh Plume!, i didn't know about that project, but that's what i was looking for!

@Gargron Aren't you going to use term Fediverse? It may be more user-friendly term than ActivityPub.

“The social network that is Mastodon isn't really Mastodon.” hits hard.

Reading the whole article it looks a bit short, like itʼs just a few buzzwords. Although I have no idea how to cheer it up.

@Gargron "If Twitter shuts down, you'll lose your followers. If Facebook shuts down, you'll lose your friends."

You might want to also mention if they shut you down as has happened to many people with inexplicably disabled accounts.

@Gargron but PixelFed still has no federation (@dansup is going to push federation-related commits soon®, “Please note this is alpha software, not recommended for production use, and federation is not supported yet.”), unlike Plume, which already has federation support

@Gargron could you elaborate a bit on the relationship between Mastodon and other types of networks (PeerTube, PixelFed)?

@Gargron just because I’m legitimately curious, and I don’t really get it. If those details are not relevant to this article then I totally understand 😉

@Gargron Maybe insist on the "commons" aspect: ActivityPub is in the public domain, as are the IETF RFCs; dovecot and postfix are under free software licenses… Maybe could you link it to AFK politics and resources allocation (see https://social.coop)
@Gargron you should maybe mention the fediverse when you make an article about the fediverse

@pizzaiolo I mentioned every project by name with a link. Also, I called it the "federated web" in the article. Fediverse, federation, federated web. Neither word is official and they're all interchangeable.

@Gargron I know, it's just to get people familiar with the term we commonly use

@pizzaiolo I think it's a distracting detail in a blog post like that. Can't just stuff lots of trivia into it and expect people to keep paying attention.

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