Working on keyword mutes, as people call them... Here is the v2.5 roadmap if you don't know:

@Gargron That looks good. Although I would add:

- improve list management
- make the 'bot' account role useful (like using it for filtering - maybe combining it with keyword mutes)
- Create a simple one column view for newbies (like you talked about)

And when are you going to move the main repo to

Something for the next version:

- Using variable units (em/rem/%) instead of static units (px).


@jeroenpraat Mmmm some people protested against moving the main repo from GitHub, so I don't know about that one

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'Some people'? And what about all those people that don't want yo use Github anymore since Microsoft bought it? Or deleted their account because of that (like me)? Or cause Microsoft is doing business with ICE?

I guarantee you that a lot of people will not be very happy (understatement) about you listening to 'some people'.

It's legit to have different opinions. Question is the reasoning for the different aproaches and if those with different positions are able to understand it.
Yet, when I've been in discussion with ppl about leaving github, the main reason to stay that I resieved was, maintaining status quo.

Are there any other arguments that I'm not aware of?

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