Couple notes for moderation:

If you're reporting someone for spam, please include at least one toot in the report, it saves time for us. Especially important if you are reporting someone for DMs, they are not visible in our UI unless they are included.

Don't report sex workers for "illegal in the US", this isn't the US. If you don't want to see anyone from, open the profile of anyone from and choose "Hide everything from" in the dropdown menu.

Shouldn't there be a way to hide feeds from a particular server without having to go to a profile of that server? Users may not even want to go to a profile page for an offensive group.

@pikurasa @Gargron I do agree with this. It took me a bit to figure this out myself, and for a while I didn't know I could hide an instance until the moderation article came out.

Perhaps a way to add the instance domain to a list might be be a nice option, similar to the word and phrase filter.

THANK you, especially for the last bit. How anyone thinks bashing down on sex workers helps them is beyond me.

@Gargron Thank you, a thousand times thank you, for supporting the right of non-US citizens to be governed by their own laws.

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